Board Certified Otolaryngologist and Sleep Physician

Dr. Rieder is the founder and managing partner of a Wisconsin area medical clinic. He practices General Otolaryngology with focused interests in sleep medicine, sinus disease, pediatrics, and sports related facial trauma.

Prior to his medical education and training, Dr. Rieder was a practicing mechanical engineer involved in the nuclear power industry. He has significant experience related to process improvement, quality initiatives, and regulatory compliance.

Dr. Rieder is a father of four, and when he is not in the office, he enjoys spending most of his time attending his childrens’ sporting events. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and attending Packer games with his wife and friends.

“I want every one of the patients I see to fully understand what their diagnosis means, and why I think their treatment plan is right for them. I enjoy spending time getting to know my patients as individuals and how I can best serve them. The same treatment is not always the right treatment, even if it is the same general problem or condition. You need to know your patients as people and not think of them as just another diagnosis or a reason for a test or some surgical procedure.”


I started A Doctor’s Thoughts because I thought there was something more that I could do as a medical professional outside of the office. An unfortunate trend I’ve noticed is many people don’t really want to think about their health until it’s too late and they’ve already gotten sick. I understand the reasoning, it’s frightening for some people to even think about getting really, truly sick, but this attitude of ‘medical procrastination’ has gotten a lot of good people into bad situations with their health.

Oftentimes I’ll hear that the only real medical information people know is from their family doctor (if they have one) or information they get on the internet. While it’s great that these resources exist, they don’t do much good if you don’t act upon the information given. I thought I could change that by distributing the best information I could find in an easy-to-access format with digestible information.



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